About Armani Silk

Welcome to the place where you can emphasize your femininity, sensitivity and tenderness with a dress.

All of our dresses are made of a fabric called Armani Silk.

Armani silk is one of the modern materials used in the fashion industry and is rapidly gaining the love of customers.

This fabric is one of the most popular in the manufacture of an elegant assortment of clothing.  A noble matte shine and a pleasant silky surface of Armani silk make it possible to embody delicate romantic images in models.

This is an excellent alternative to natural silk, which, due to its high price, is not widely used, is not available to everyone.

Characteristics of Armani silk

To understand what the fabric is, let us dwell on its main characteristics:

* composition - 100% polyester or 97-98% polyester and 2-3% elastane;

* allows air to pass through, removes moisture from the body;

* differs in wear resistance;

* not transparent, unlike chiffon;

* characterized by a matte muted shine;

* is made of threads of a prismatic triangular structure;

* due to the absence of stretch threads, it does not stretch, but it is very nice and easy to drape;

* does not have fundamental requirements for care.